I got cool stuff.

I went on a small road trip today from my parent’s home in the city to my apartment in the small college town where I go to university (I’m on Christmas break).

On the way, I stopped by a junk/antiques place I had been a couple times before and scored some awesome swag.

While you’re looking at the photos, try to guess how much I paid for all of it.  I’ll tell you at the end.

Here is a Canada Dry ginger ale crate I bought:

More cool stuff after the jump.

He had a stack of soda crates.  I bought the Pepsi one.  Note the “Tulsa, Oklahoma” on the end of it in the second photo.

I also bought an industrial looking rolling cabinet thing:

I think I’ll use it in my leatherwork.  I can store some of my leather tools in the drawers and put my marble slab on the top and roll it around.  He had a cool handmade leather holster, too.  I think I might go back and get it.

Here’s three license plates I bought from a collection he had of about 150:

Oklahoma, 1961:

Oregon, 1970-71:

Iowa, 1947:

The 1947 Iowa one was the oldest one in all the boxes, and the Oklahoma one was the oldest Oklahoma I could find.

I think I might put them on a shelf next to a Hawaii tag I already own, or hang one or two on my wall, like the Restless Transplant has done here.

So, do you have a guess for the total cost?

$19!  I rounded up and gave him a $20 bill to make it easy, but I think it was a steal of a deal for all that stuff, especially the rolling drawers.

I love the place, and it’s full of more cool stuff.

It’s the kind of place that is just owned by a guy who has a bunch of old stuff.  It’s not a “discovered” antiques store, I guess.  He’s just trying to get rid of it all so he can sell the corrugated metal building the stuff is in.  So there’s no hipsters milling around looking for trendy items, and there are no expensive price tags for nostalgic value.  It’s a hidden gem.


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