In the woods

A friend and I went camping a few days ago.  We drove three and a half hours from where I live to a really dense forest in a wildlife management area and built a shelter to sleep in.

When I was in Boy Scouts, we went to this same forest for our “wilderness survival” campouts.  Every December, we would camp in the forest and build a shelter out of logs and rocks and things.

My friend and I did the same, sleeping in tents the first night, then spending the next day constructing a primitive shelter to sleep in the second night.

We double-checked with the Department of Wildlife to make sure it was OK to cut down the trees.

Of course, taking the time and energy to build a shelter like this if you were in a real emergency situation might not be practical, but it was fun to do.  We used axes and bow saws to cut some of the logs.  Others were already felled.

And of course, I cooked up a lot of good food in my Lodge dutch oven and skillet, so we more thriving than surviving.

However, it did get really cold!  The first night was somewhere in the high 20s, low 30s Fahrenheit, with a bitter wind.

Here are some more photos of our shelter.

The first supporting poles:

The logs and walls in progress:

The rock wall side:

As my former architecture professor would say, here’s the “sexy night shot.” :



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3 responses to “In the woods

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  2. Beshemoth

    That is so awesome. How warm was it in there? I would love to try that!

  3. Thanks for the comment Beshemoth!

    It was pretty nice inside. The leaf and pine needle “thatching” filled the cracks between the rocks and logs nicely, cutting out most wind. It still got really cold, but my down sleeping bag kept me nice and warm.


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