I am a man of fire and iron.

My love for dutch oven cooking and cookware is no secret.

I first learned to cook with them in Boy Scouts.  Now, I finally own my own.

I used a gift card that my parents bought me for my birthday to pick up a brand new Lodge cast iron dutch oven (12″ diameter, deep version), a skillet (12″), lid lifter, lid stand and a set of gloves.

I hit the ground running and wasted no time breaking in the gear on my recent wilderness camping trip.  And last night, I used it at home to cook some of the best chicken I’ve ever had, if I can say so myself.

Lodge makes great cast iron products for anybody–not just outdoorsmen.

And what’s even better is they are made in the USA (the gloves are made in China, however).

True, you can find cheaper dutch ovens and skillets (I found a decent looking set from firearm manufacturer Browning), but Lodge is really not much more and the brand’s quality and reputation can’t be beat.

Some more photos from last night’s feast:

Biscuits beginning to puff up:

Chicken cooking in butter and vegetables:

Leather and iron:


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