Cabin fever

Going through some things at my parent’s house, I found an awesome book I got as a gift a couple of years ago that I forgot I had.

It’s a book, called “Log Cabins and Cottages, How to Build and Furnish Them.”  It’s a hardcover, that is very nicely bound in real cloth, so it has that nice, unique book feel to it that is lost on modern grocery store paperbacks.

The book literally explains how to build a log cabin, and then has some amazing drawings and plans of cabins.

Here’s some more photos of the book, but first, be sure to check out Log Cabineer.  It’s a blog I got turned on to after reading about it on A Continuous Lean (another site you should be reading).  If you enjoy log cabins, the outdoors or Sweden, check out Log Cabineer.


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  1. spisblog

    Great looking book! I just ordered a copy for my library. The two links you included in the post look interesting, also.


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