Pen and ink

I went to the leather supply store today to pick up some items.  I’m making shotgun shell bags for my dad and brother.

On my way home, I stopped by one of my favorite stores, Triangle A&E.  It’s an old school type drafting and engineering store that sells all kinds of neat pens, inks, markers, drafting tables, straightedges etc.

Being a sucker for office supplies, I purchased a new, cheapish dip pen and ink.

It should do nicely for some block lettering I’m doing on my family’s gifts.

I might use it on a notebook I made my self, similar to this one I made as a Christmas gift for last year: (it’s a book of blank pages–hand-sewn by myself!–with a burlap covered somewhat hard/somewhat paperback and printed endpapers.)

If you like drafting and office supplies like I do, check out Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean’s post on his love of office supplies here.  A couple more photos below:

Size A-0 nib.  Note “HUNT MFG CO.” and “U.S.”

Pen, nib and ink:


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