Searching the Mother Road

“Dramatic cumulus clouds billowing over a Texaco gas station along a stretch of highway US 66, aka Route 66.”
Photo by Andreas Feininger, Seligman, Ariz., September 1947, LIFE Archives

Always living in central Oklahoma, Route 66 is part of my backyard.  And there are few things I enjoy more than hopping in my 1980 Jeep CJ-5 and cruising a stretch of old highway.

Call it senseless nostalgia (not that I was even alive during the pre-Interstate heyday), but the back roads and lost routes are what I find most intriguing.

Two people who share this feeling are Brad Mathison and Rex Brown, motorcyclists from Tulsa, Okla.

They co-host a TV show called “Two Wheel Oklahoma,” in which they take viewers around the state on their motorcycles, and this is not your mom’s locally produced TV, either.  I can safely say that Two Wheel Oklahoma is the slickest, most professional piece of local TV I’ve seen anywhere.  So much so, I’d even say it deserves to be picked up on a national scale for a network like the Travel Channel.

The High Definition show is broadcast all through Oklahoma and parts of surrounding states on Sunday mornings at 8:30 on OETA public television.

If you don’t live anywhere that it’s broadcast over the air, or are just too lazy to wake up that early on a Sunday, the guys have put up episodes on their Web site also.

No, I don’t know Mathison or Brown.  Yes, I realize this post sounds like a commercial.  But I assure you it’s not.  I stumbled on their Web site yesterday and have been watching episodes online.  It’s just that good.

And speaking of video, expect to see some short video segments on Jantelagom soon.

I leave you with more cool pictures of old highway from the LIFE Archives.

Side view of motorcycle. 1941
Photo by George Strock

Truckers having breakfast at truck stop.  New York, N.Y., 1942
Photo by William C. Shrout

View of the Super Car Service Station. California, July 1947
Photo by Allan Grant

Garrish Maryland Show Boat roadhouse on U.S. 1 highway. Baltimore, June 1937.
Photo by Margaret Bourke-White

Gilmore Self Service Gas Station, October 1948.
Photo by Allan Grant

Electric sign in front of restaurant featuring Dutch windmill theme on roadside of highway U.S. 1.  June 1937
Photo by Margaret Bourke-White


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  1. Thanks for the kind words. Glad to know there are folks out there enjoying the show.

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