Rust n’ Dust

I, like a million others in this world, am a sucker for classic cars.  Give me an old, rusty jalopy with an engine making sounds it shouldn’t be making long before you give me a new, shiny hunk of plastic that is churned out on so many assembly lines these days.

In fact, a few months ago, when I was looking for a used car to buy, I contemplated going way back and getting a car from some time between the 1930s and the 1960s to fix.  Although I ended up buying a 1980 Jeep (still older than I am!), my desire to have a classic car has not waned.

While surfing the Pike Brothers Web site after I discovered it looking at the T-shirt that inspired my last post, I found the interesting video that I have embedded at the top of this post.

It is of the Rust n’ Dust Jalopy race in Teterow, Germany.  Teams enter classic cars–whether it be a Ford Model A, a slick 1950s Chevy or anything in between.  But unlike so many classic car shows in the States, where the cars are waxed up and shined up sitting on the linoleum floor under the fluorescent lights of an expo hall, these fellas RIDE!  The Rust n’ Dust is a race around a grass and mud track outside.

There are a lot of fun videos on YouTube of the event.  Not only are there cars, but the Germans are all dudded up in overalls, leather jackets and other period fare.  Rockabilly bands play in the background and everyone is having fun.  But make no mistake, this is a real car event.  Teams tinker under the hoods of their jalopies, making last minute adjustments to keep their vehicles running.

Apparently Pike Brothers has a racing team of their own.  This photo on their Web site says it’s of Axel Lehmann (the man in the above video), who races this 1928/29 Ford Model A chassis with a custom-made body and the engine of a 1932 Ford Model B.

What amazes me most about this whole event is that it is in Germany!  These aren’t Americans who are having fun with all this Americana nostalgia–they’re Germans!  Awesome!

This really makes me want to create a similar event in Stillwater.  Although I have no Model A to race, some modifications could be made.  My friends and I are mechanically inclined and I enjoy building and fixing things.  What if each team had $1,000 to build a (not street-legal) vehicle to race on a field track?  It’d push teams’ mechanical and financial abilities to find an engine, weld together a workable chassis, and make sure the whole thing worked and was safe.  It’d be really fun too!


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